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Our focus is on optimising existing customer service management frameworks and delivering enhanced services.

Monochrome can help you elevate customer loyalty through integration of digital workflows, joining customer service and other departments with the assistance of AI and workflow management for comprehensive issue tracking and resolution.

Let us transform your CSM platform into something that works harder and smarter for your customers.

We'll help you to...

  • Revamp customer operations with automated processes
  • Gain a comprehensive view of customer cases from start to end
  • Empower customers through self-service for efficient order management and case handling
  • Equip customers with resources and communities for self-help
  • Access service level management and dashboarding with ease

We Put The User First. Always!

The end-user experience is never more important than when that user is a paying client. ‘That’ll do’ simply won’t do!

Monochrome has years of experience building and revamping consumer-grade applications across a range of platforms, including ServiceNow.

Don’t let a poor Customer Service Portal be the weak link in your chain.

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