Raise & Manage Tickets On The Go. Fast!

Pronto is a exciting new app that empowers users to raise and manage tickets from their mobile device with maximum efficiency.

The app leverages the powers of the ServiceNow API via a decoupled javaScript interface. It is highly maintainable and requires no customisation in the ServiceNow back-end.

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Decoupled Apps

Decoupling is the practice of using the back-end functionality with an entirely custom front-end (typically built with a javaScript framework).

Whilst this might ring customisation alarm bells, it’s actually a remarkably efficient way to deliver an interface to fulfils a need that you’ll never get out-of-the-box with ServiceNow.

Because the front-end is pure javaScript, it’s actually easier to maintain than minor customisations done within the ServiceNow framework.

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Milica Preradović

ServiceNow Developer

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Pronto is a fantastic example of Monochrome’s deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform, our UX and UI design skills and both our front and back-end development capabilities.

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