What Does ServiceNow Do?

What is ServiceNow best known for?

ServiceNow is used to set up systems that define, manage, automate and structure IT services for companies. At a very simple level, think of it as a tool that allows you to raise and track tickets as well as process and catalogue regular IT service requests.

ServiceNow emerges as a revolutionary software enterprise dedicated to offering a cutting-edge, web-hosted framework designed to streamline and optimize the automation of IT management workflows. Its core expertise lies in the realm of IT service management, IT operations management, and IT business management.

The ServiceNow platform offers seamless integration with diverse tools, enabling users to effectively handle projects, teams, and customer engagements through an extensive range of applications and plugins. An illustration of this capability is users being able to carry out VMware AirWatch operations directly within the ServiceNow interface. Furthermore, ServiceNow presents an app store that showcases an assortment of third-party tools.

Key components of the ServiceNow platform

ServiceNow products are designed with a service model that prioritises assisting users in pinpointing the underlying cause of any problems they face, subsequently allowing them to resolve these issues independently through self-service measures.

The ServiceNow products encompass various tasks, activities, and processes presented in the form of a service model. These components, which are categorized into different cloud services, collectively establish a holistic managed workflow. This workflow plays a vital role in facilitating real-time communication, effective collaboration, and seamless resource sharing among users.

ServiceNow provides industry-specific service management software catering to distinct sectors.

  • Advancing medical care and biological research.
  • Banking and insurance industries.
  • Government administration and services.
  • Production and distribution of goods.
  • Telecommunication networks and services.
  • Innovations in various technological fields.

ServiceNow Products

ServiceNow presents an assortment of product offerings that facilitate individuals and organizations in conducting their operations through serverless computing. These cloud services cover five key domains of business: security, customer support, information technology, human resources, and business applications.

Nonstop Cloud

Nonstop Cloud is a revolutionary cloud service that ensures users’ data is constantly accessible and organized without interruptions. Its unique multi-instance approach allows users to tailor the product to their needs and effortlessly retrieve relevant information. Additionally, Nonstop Cloud empowers users to conveniently schedule upgrades and implement other modifications at their preferred moments.

Now Platform – A Revolutionary Framework

The Now Platform is a centralised hub that integrates various ServiceNow products like Nonstop Cloud and various tools designed to detect anomalies, make predictive models, conduct peer benchmarks, and forecast performance. Additionally, the Now Platform comes packaged with cutting-edge encryption capabilities, an advanced automation engine, a service creator, and an array of other web service options.

The additional features provided by the Now Platform are as follows:

  • Customer portals.
  • Membership and alerts.
  • Information repositories.
  • Service inventories.
  • Task management systems.
  • Programmer utilities.
  • Analysis and control panels.
  • Unified data storage.
  • Collaborative interaction.
  • Organization and coordination.

Within the Now Platform dashboard, individuals can construct personalised applications for their own usage. Additionally, distribution of workloads across different users can be facilitated by management teams.

ServiceNow products user case.

ServiceNow’s extensive suite of tools seamlessly integrates with numerous legacy systems, enabling their products to effectively accommodate a wide array of workflows. ServiceNow products find frequent utilization in various domains, including the management of sizable projects through ticketing systems, tracking progress via benchmarking, and efficiently handling workflow management with predictive modeling capabilities.

IT professionals who run a service desk or help desk can effectively sort their help cases and handle problems and instances using ServiceNow products. ServiceNow also offers valuable support for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) procedures.

The underlying framework of ServiceNow revolves around delivering software as a service through the cloud. This approach entails establishing comprehensive systems that govern, streamline, and mechanize various services for businesses. ServiceNow’s versatile platform caters to multiple sectors, including security, operations, customer service, and HR. Furthermore, the extensive product suite encompasses software solutions for both physical and cloud-based IT requirements. Additionally, it facilitates efficient management of service-level projects and production instances within a specific department.


Fred Luddy established Clara, California in 2004. Luddy innovatively developed a cloud-centered workflow system primarily utilizing forms. The following year, ServiceNow introduced its initial limited-service catalog with a small client base. In 2006, the company expanded its reach globally and introduced its pioneering cloud-based orchestration platform. Achieving certification from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program in 2016 proved the company’s adherence to stringent security standards for cloud-based products. Throughout its existence, ServiceNow has further enhanced its capabilities by acquiring multiple startups specializing in security, observability, and artificial intelligence.