Who are we?

We're Monochrome. We make digital awesome!

Established by Adrian Munn and Jason Brown in the early days of digital, we were amongst the first in the UK to build Rich Internet Apps. In the 20 years since, we've continued to reinvent the art of the possible while enjoying close partnerships with institutions such as Microsoft and Abode and, more recently, ServiceNow. That pioneering spirit, ingrained in our DNA, is further exemplified with the additions of Simon Elgar (Technical Director) and Dave Marsh (Creative Director) to the senior team.

True to our name, we pride ourselves on straight-talking, black-and-white communication. We're committed, honest, talented, and above all, we LOVE what we do. We want your project to be our finest achievement yet.



Dream big

With technology, this means always testing boundaries and driving innovation. In strategic terms, it means approaching projects and relationships with long-term vision, identifying achievable stepping stones to wider success.


Keep it simple

We think big, but not complicated. We know users want simple, intuitive interfaces. We know intelligent development means the simplest, smartest solution. And we know clients want us to be honest, open and straightforward. Simple.


Own it

As a relatively small team we are all accountable for everything we do, individually and as a team. We have to justify every decision we make and prove that everything we produce works, delivers on brief and yields tangible results.

monochrome discussion with client

The perfect balance

We believe that coupling a brilliant UX and creative team with highly skilled developers creates perfect balance: we know what your users like and we know how to make it work. Whilst we have specialists responsible for their specific area of the business, there are no silos. Our teams talk, interact, and learn from each other. Some of our clients have trusted us for over a decade – the quality of our work creates partnerships that last. It also creates success and growth. We now have offices in Serbia and Hungary to support the UK team and service clients across Europe and the US.


Meet Our Senior Team

Old enough to know what we're doing. Young enough to still want to do it!


Jason Brown

Finance Director & Partner


Adrian Munn

Sales Director & Partner


Dave Marsh

Creative Director & Partner


Simon Elgar

Technical Director & Partner


Scott Davies

Head of Development


Jeff Smith

Head of ServiceNow